A quiet beginning

Some 6 months ago I started a blog. At the time there were several language-related themes I wanted to talk about, but what finally made me write the first post was other people’s shameless unprofessionalism.

It wasn’t really a planned endavour – the idea was to write about languages and Stuff.  However, the posts soon became infrequent; Stuff always seem to be happening, Stuff which was important to me, but I never got around to writing about it, even though I had a Blog.

Long story short, I realised that the whole blog is not how I want to voice my thoughts. It started as the very thing I wanted to fight against – a reaction to an unbearable situation, instead as a though-out decision, and even the name, “Sage from rage”, reflected that. Something like Sage before rage would have been a lot more appropriate.

So, here’s another take. After some thought I’ve decided that I want to write about my personal road to becoming a better, proactive person in every possible way, and inspire others to do the same. Every day so many go through the same routine, waiting for other people and things to put them on a satisfying path. From the big life decisions to the little every-day habits, it’s always been so easy to trust yourself that tomorrow you’ll really do it.

Well, this must stop. Right now, I am not in any sort of emotionally extreme state of resentment or inspiration or grim determination to change myself or whatever – I deliberately avoided that, as I didn’t want this blog to start or develop from, say, a big dissatisfaction with some part of my personality. Life is to short to wait for the warning signals to tell you what to do.

As a spur of the moment decision, I will try to, for one week, do exactly what I said I should do, every single time. Whether it’s washing teeth for the whole 3 minutes or going out to exercise even when it’s raining or reading a book when my concentration is completely broken – I’ll find a way to endure it and do it.

Tomorrow, among other things, I have to do the following:

– run a total of 5 km.

– read David E. Cooper’s World Philosophies and post my impressions here.

– plan out and write a more detailed post about my view on proactivity and the concept of this blog.

Let’s see how it goes.

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