Log 2

Again I’m not thinking. At the beginning of the previous log I say how it’s a bad idea to put deadlines on book-reading, and then at the end of the same log I put a new deadline, which is again a big overestimate.

So, let’s try a different solution. Instead of page count, I’ll determine how many hours I should spend with the books, and stick to that schedule.

Going through about a third of Jim Scrivener’s “Learning teaching” so far hasn’t given me any particularly edifying moments. However, it’s not Scrivener’s fault – he seems very knowledgeable and experienced in language teaching and the book is also targeted at people who never really held a lecture. It gives lots of tips on practically every aspect of language teaching, and a number of them are applicable to teaching in general (observing group dynamics, finding out an individual’s motivation etc.). However, with books like these, I am amazed that the vast majority of teachers still aren’t changing their obviously ineffective grammar-heavy teaching method to a better (and more fun!) one.

Finding a recipe which doesn’t have ten million ingredients wasn’t too hard, but the thing I made wasn’t that tasty, because the amount of ingredients was very vague. Then I remembered that I found the recipe on the internet and that there’s this thing called Google which can help you look for things. Again, I’m not sitting down and thinking.

So, for tomorrow I’ll try the hour per book approach and some other stuff:

1 hour for Scrivener, more if it becomes interesting

2 hours for the philosophies

1 hour for the book on healthy food.

150 kanji in Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji (I have a better feel with this book, so I’ll venture a number estimate)

5 km run (I’m excited about this one – the muscles today felt almost as if I didn’t do anything last night)

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