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August 11, 2008

Log 3

Did only one hour of reading philosophy. Going over the Greeks again gave a deeper perspective of the way philosophy started there. Also, even though I already knew well the basics of Plato’s philosophy, now I have a strange feeling as if I made some additional understanding, though I’m not sure where.

100 kanji was easy, but had to postpone the rest. Guess it’s 200 tomorrow.

Running was awesome. After 13 laps I did have to make one walking break and then the remaining 7, the full 5 km. Inhaled through the mouth only once, by accident. I was feeling a bit bloated before the start of the run, as if I ate a lot, which is strange, because today I had only two very light meals. In any case, the run was great, and I feel very relaxed now. In the morning there was some light tension in the legs in several places, but I didn’t feel any of it while running.

I’ll run again on Wednesday, and from Thursday I’ll add exercises on the days I’m not running.

So, for tomorrow 200 kanji, 2 hours of philosophy, and an hour of Scrivener and healthy food.

I have to make more detailed plans the moment I wake up, otherwise I waste time and lose momentum. However, I feel as if the very notions like “momentum” I should try avoiding, and simply do things.

Time to be a bit stricter and simpler.