Log 8

Did some 7 hours of studying today. Burned out around 18:30.

Yesterday I did 8h, not 10h of reading. Just needed to correct that. My arithmetical powers are astounding.

The more I study the more I see how much it’s about perspective – yes, I hate the way the book is written, but the subject it covers are so interesting, there are moments when I can even ignore the writing and suck in the essence, the idea of the text. I feel there really must be a good solution to making this study thing more pleasurable.

So, tomorrow I’ll try to really turn off my emotions. When I see stuff which makes no sense or is factually wrong (such as the Mongols somehow influencing the creation of theatre in 6th-9th century China, even though there is no such thing as a unified Mongol state until early 12th century), I will ignore it or laugh at it and happily move on. Yes, it will be difficult, but I will try. It’s not like I have other options – sulking is a very expensive one.

Also, even though I’m going to bed at 11 pm and getting 8 hours of sleep for the past several days, in a row, which I last remember doing when I was entering high-school, I feel quite tired mentally at the end of the day. I know I probably sound like I just discovered how to flush, but hey, I’m being honest here.

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