From mud

There is rarely, if ever, a need to finish this sentence.

If that sounded like gibberish, it’s because it is, but it needed to be written.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve been trying to write something new for this blog – more precisely, I’ve been thinking about trying, and I know where that leads.

Right now I’m waiting for a friend to call me, and my first instinctive reaction was to open one of my favorite blogs and (re-)read some cool posts; a reaction I’m no stranger to, in general.

Instead of “when idle, consume”, a reaction I’d rather have is “when idle, create”.

This goes together with what I’m always telling other people in my activism courses and not implementing nearly as much as I think I should – just start with something, get anything down on paper or your medium-of-choice, because once you do, you have created a piece of reality which reflects what you’re trying to express, even if that something is hidden behind its current crude form. Once it’s out there, then you can mold it into something closer to what you’ve had in mind.

Hence the senseless sentence at the beginning of this post. I had a need to write something, and that thing came out – I literally wrote down the first thought that formed in my mind. But, and I think this could be  important, that very act of writing something down, of discharging the energy within me so to speak, started untangling a thread of thought which had been looking some form. Some sense eventually emerged.

Interestingly, I think the first sentence itself carries a bit of the sense of this post – though most likely I’m looking way too much into it and forcing meaning where there isn’t any, it’s still about the process of writing.

Blah blah blah. Anyways,


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