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February 17, 2012

You could be dead next Friday

All you have to do is take away one quite important minute out of each day.

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January 2, 2009

Thinking properly, part 1 – when Lady Destiny is a guy with a stutter

“Hello, is this Relja? I am calling concerning your interpreting services for the adoption case with the _______ family.”

“Ah, yes, I’ve received the email a couple of weeks ago. So, when am I needed?”

“Er, today.”

“Er, today?”

“Yes. I’m dreadfully sorry, there’s been a mix-up, and, well, please, I desperately need an interpreter for today’s case!”

The middle-aged lady’s heavily-British-accented voice sounds very sincere, but far from desperate – she was very composed, pleasant even, and I will soon find out why – the work she does is anything but easy.

Luckily, I’m free at the time she needs me, and I decide to spend an hour or so at one of my favorite cafes, a quiet tea house, before meeting with her, in order to prepare myself, both mentally and with the necessary vocabulary.

I enter the cafe and go up the stairs to take my usual seat. One of the girls who work there is talking with some guy. I say hi to her and, out of courtesy, to him, thinking that they’re friends or something.

“Oh n-no, we don’t kn-know each o-o-ot-other, but now th-that we’ve m-met, wo-would you li-like to par-par-participate in a psy-psy-psychologi-ca-cal test I’m do-doing for my fa-faculty?”

I stop and try to think. I have a very delicate adoption case in which I’m the interpreter. I have less than an hour to do at least some rudimentary preparation (e.g. google some common technical terms in adoption issues and their Serbian translations etc.). It is imperative that I am mentally relaxed; somebody’s future greatly depends on how well I’ll translate their words. I am short on time, and the guy who wants me to do the test has a stutter.


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